9-1-1 Recipes

You know that moment? The one where your kids are starting to get that look in their eyes, the one that says any minute they’ll be saying those three precious words? It’s often the most terrifying moment of my day, the one where I’m not only expected to step up to the plate, but to fill it.

“What’s for dinner?”

At my house the answer to this question can range anywhere from hot dogs and mac n’ cheese to one of Julia Child’s signature three hour entrees with a side of sauteed asparagus. Tonight, it’s the most horrific answer of all.

“I don’t know.”

Yes, it’s one of “those days”. The day where I have nothing planned, nothing thawed, and worst of all, we’re out of margarine. Well, what’s a mom to do?

Good thing I have The List. The list of 9-1-1 recipes. Just the thing for finding that one quick, easy recipe (even with no margarine required!).

I will be sharing these recipes. Please feel free to add your own easy recipe in the comments section. Hey, we could all use a good 9-1-1 recipe, right? Especially when it’s just one of “those days”.

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